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Kabbaladurga and Muthathi

Date: 19-Jan-14
Thilak and I had a fight early in the morning for some silly reason. It continued after he met me in Jayanagar at 6.00 AM. We met Sudhir at Hudson circle at 6.30 AM and headed towards Mysore Road. On the way also, we were fighting. I hope Sudhir and the other people on the road did not come to know about our fight :-). Read the rest of this entry


Date: 4-Jan-14
Kanva is another quiet place (just like Thippagondana Halli) that we visited. We went to Kanva on 4th Jan. This was our first trip in the year 2014. We started from Jayanagar at around 11 AM. As we were not sure about the hotel availability in Kanva, we packed our lunch from the hotel. We reached Ramanagar via Mysore road. At Ramanagar traffic junction, we took a right turn and proceeded towards Kanva Dam through Kunigal road. The journey was amazing.

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Siddarabetta and Devarayanadurga

Date: 29-Dec-13
We wanted to go for a tough trek this time. So, we decided to go to Devarayanadurga. But, when Thilak was reading about this place, he found that there is a well maintained road to reach the hill top and one can go in bike itself till the top. So, we did not find this place interesting. He also found a place nearby Devarayanadurga, called Siddarabetta. This was matching our requirements. So, instead of Devarayanadurga, we decided to go to Siddarabetta in the morning and Devarayanadurga in the evening.

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Date: 7-Dec-13
Thilak had been to Mekedatu before and I had been till Sangama. Both of us wanted to go to Mekedatu again, but I was scared if I could go in bike for a long distance (around 200 km, to and fro). Finally, I made up my mind and decided to go to Mekedatu on 7th Dec on bike. We had our breakfast in Jayanagar and left at 7.00 AM. We took the beautiful Kanakpura road to reach Mekedatu.

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Thippagondana Halli (T G Halli)

Date: 23-Nov-13
We had no idea how this place Thippagondanahalli would be. All we knew was that it has a water resevoir and a dam. Thilak read in some blog that there are no hotels nearby. So, we had late breakfast and took parcel for our lunch. We started at around 11.00 AM from Jayanagar. It was very sunny that day. We took Magadi Road to reach Thippagondana Halli (T G Halli).  Read the rest of this entry


Date: 17-Nov-13
We wanted to go for a small trek near Bangalore and decided to go to Kaiwara (Chikkballapur district). We checked with Sudheer if he is willing to come with us. He said “OK”. After watching movie in the morning in Garuda Swagath mall, Thilak and I had lunch in Jayanagar and started at around 2.30 PM. Read the rest of this entry

Sri Rama Betta

Date: 20-Oct-13
Sri Rama Betta is a place on the way to Mysore. It’s in Ramanagar district. The place is nearly 55-60 km from Bangalore and we reached there at around 10.30 AM. We went in car till the base of the hill. There were around 300 well contructed steps to climb the hill. As we had enough time, we climbed slowly taking photos.

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Date: 29-Sep-13
Panchapalli.. Thilak and I did not know this name until Sudheer called us for a trip. This was my first bike trip ever. Panchapalli is around 85 km from Bangalore and it’s in Tamil Nadu state. Thilak, Sudheer, myself and three of Sudheer’s friends (Kiran, Mamatha, and Sudheer) were all set for this bike trip on 29th Sep 2013. All of us were supposed to meet at 6.30 AM in Silkboard. Thilak and I reached before 6.30 AM.

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Chikka Thirupathi

Date: 28-Sep-13
We wanted to go on a long ride, but to a place not too far from Bangalore, so we decided to go to Chikka Thirupathi. Chikka Thirupathi is around 40 km from Bangalore. Thilak knew the place and he kept warning me that the place is not that great. Both of us were not really looking for a great place, we just wanted to go away from this busy Bangalore. We went there by car as we were supposed to tavel to Panchapalli by bike the next day.

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Dodda Aalada Mara (Big Banyan Tree) and Manchanabele

Date: 21-Sep-13
I had not been to either Big Banyan Tree or Manchanabele earlier, whereas Thilak had been to both these places once before. This was a suddenly planned trip. We decided to travel post lunch. We had lunch at Jayanagar and started at around 1.30 PM, we took Mysore road to reach Dodda Aalada Mara (Big Banyan Tree). As the name itself suggests, the tree was huge. It was 400 years old. Below the tree, there were many benches to sit.

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Nandi Hills

Date: 1-Sep-13

Nandi Hills is our most loved travel destination. Because, this is the first place Thilak and I visited together. Our journey began on September 1st, 2013. Read the rest of this entry