Date: 29-Sep-13
Panchapalli.. Thilak and I did not know this name until Sudheer called us for a trip. This was my first bike trip ever. Panchapalli is around 85 km from Bangalore and it’s in Tamil Nadu state. Thilak, Sudheer, myself and three of Sudheer’s friends (Kiran, Mamatha, and Sudheer) were all set for this bike trip on 29th Sep 2013. All of us were supposed to meet at 6.30 AM in Silkboard. Thilak and I reached before 6.30 AM.

But, Sudheer and his friends came at around 7.00 AM. We decided to go via Anekal. At Anekal, we had our breakfast.

PanchapalliOur next milestone was Denkanikottai Taluk. It took us quite a long time to remember this name :-). Because of google maps, we did not face any issue in reaching this place. The route was awesome. Full of green trees, wide roads, and no traffic. It was just beautiful. It took us a lot of time to reach the destination as we were driving slowly. When we reached Denkanikottai, we were all hungry. It was not a big city, but there were few small shops and bakeries. We took some biscuits, cold drinks, drank tender coconut water and left towards Panchapalli which is just 20 km from Denakanikottai.
We reached Panchapalli at around 12 noon. It was very very sunny that day. In Panchapalli, the dam and the water reservoir are the main attractions. The place was calm and was very well maintained. There were hardly 10-15 people. We clicked some photos and explored the place. We walked along the dam side and sat at one neat place and talked for a while. All of us were hungry, we ate the biscuits that we bought and hoped to find a hotel nearby for lunch.
PanchapalliWe started from there at around 2 PM. The weather was very very hot. We went little further searching for a hotel, but unfortunately we could not find any decent hotel. So, we decided to have lunch at Denkanikottai. We reached Denkanikottai at around 3 PM and luckily lunch was available at a hotel called Saravana Bhavan. We had lunch there and started at around 4 PM. While returning, we decided to come via Hosur. After having coffee at Hosur, all of us departed to our respective places. At around 6.30 PM, Thilak and I reached Jayanagar.
Though the trip was very tiring for me, we met three new friends and checked out a new place which made me very happy.

  • Route Travelled: Onward: HSR Layout > Jayanagar > Aanekal > Denkanikottai > Panchapalli
    Return: Panchapalli > Denkanikottai > Hosur > Jayanagar > HSR Layout
  • Total distance (To & Fro): 181 km
  • Mileage (Bike): 45 km/l
  • Fuel expense: 334 Rs
  • Total expense: 454 Rs
  • Challenges: No good hotels nearby.
  • Photos: Panchapalli Photos

Route Map:


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