Monthly Archives: July 2014


Date: 28-Jun-14
This was also a suddenly planned trip and this was my first trip from Mysore. When we checked with everyone at my Sinster-in-law’s home about Melukote trip, SIL and BIL did not show interest as they had already been to that place earlier and my mother-in-law could not come there as we had to climb steps in Melukote and she had pain in her leg. Father-in-law and Ayush were ready to come. Read the rest of this entry


Date: 1-Jun-14
This was a suddenly planned trip. Rajath (my brother) was in our home this weekend. We wanted to go for a trip with him. Yelagiri, a hill station in Tamilnadu was the place which we thought easy to travel in a day. When checked in Google, we felt the place pretty good. As planned, we started from home at 6.00 AM. We had to take Hosur road to reach Yelagiri. The road was empty as we started early and as it was Sunday. Read the rest of this entry